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Workaround for LPT use in Win XP/2000

LU5EEE has reported a possible solution to the problem of not being able to use the LPT (printer) port for PTT control in AGWPE on Windows XP/2000 systems. His message was posted on the SV2AGW list and referred to Packet Engine Pro not AGWPE, but perhaps this work-around will work for AGWPE, too. If you try it, please e-mail me, NM5RM with your results, positive or negative.

The work-around involves the installation of a program called Port Talk

which can be downloaded at

I suggest you read the Port Talk web site and all documents in the .zip file for information about using Port Talk.

Basic advice from LU5EEE was to :

1. Unzip the PortTalk zip file into your AGWPE folder

2. Create a Windows shortcut that follows this example:

    "C:\Program Files\AGWSoft\AGWPE\AllowIo.exe" AGW Packet Engine.exe /a

In the shortcut, you would of course substitute your actual path to the AGWPE folder and the allowio.exe file.  Be sure to use parenthesis (" ") around the path/file name for allowio.exe. Do not put them around the two parameters, AGW Packet Engine.exe  and /a

This shortcut will run the AllowIO.exe program that installs the Port Talk drivers. AGW Packet Engine.exe is the program we want to give port access permissions; and /a is a switch that means permit access to all serial and parallel ports  (you can also specify specific ports by using the ports' hex addresses, e.g. instead of  using the /a switch, you could substitute 0x378, for example; read the Port Talk readme.txt file for more info).

3. Run this shortcut before starting AGWPE.

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