Sound Card Packet  with AGWPE

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Most recent AGWPE version is:  2013.415  15 Apr 2013

Computer requirements
Packet Engine Pro

Configure AGWPE
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Basic AGWPE Setup
2 Radio Setup
2 Card Setup

Sound Device Setup
Basic Device Settings
Rename Sound Device
Additional Settings
Using the Tuning Aid

Program Behavior

AGWPE Features
AGWPE on a Network
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Remote Control
TCP/IP Over Radio
Tips and Tricks
Traffic Parameters

Compatible Programs:
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Radio Interface
Getting Started
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USB SignaLink
Receive Audio Cable
Transmit Audio Cable
PTT (TX Control) Cable
2 Radio Modification

About Packet
Packet Overview
Exchange Modes
What To Do with Packet
Common Frequencies
Frame Headers
Further Reading

Update Windows to Run AGWPE

This page applies only to WIndows versions prior to XP!

A. Windows 95, 98 and 2000 Users

You will need the most recent version of the Window's "Common Controls". If you've installed Internet Explorer (IE) version 5.0 or later, then the controls should be installed.

If you haven't upgraded to IE 5.0 or later -- or want to check that the controls are installed -- search for sites that offer "Comctl32.dll".  Here's one site.  If this link doesn't work, you will have to search for the file on the internet. Note that it will become increasingly more difficult to find each year.

Also, make sure you have the most recent drivers for your sound card. You will need to visit the sound card manufacturer's web site to verify this.

B. Windows 95 Users only

You must have the Winsock 2 update installed, otherwise the TCP/IP interface will not work correctly with AGWPE. Here's the correct order to do that (I hope):

  1. Make sure you have the Dial-Up Networking (DUN)
  2. Download and install the Winsock 2 update from the Microsoft web site.

You will have to search for the files on the internet. They will become increasingly more difficult to find each year.


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