Sound Card Packet  with AGWPE

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Most recent AGWPE version is:  2013.415  15 Apr 2013

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(X Amateur Station Tracking and Information Reporting)

XASTIR is program for receiving and plotting APRS position packets.  XASTIR runs on Windows, MacOSX, Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, and Lindows. It supports 124 map formats, several types of TNC's and weather stations, Festival speech synthesizer, AX.25 networking (Soundmodem/Baycom/SCC!) and seven languages!  On Unix-like operating systems, you can run your weather station or GPS on a separate computer as well, which is good for those hams who are already short on serial ports. XASTIR is FREE and available at

Wes Johnston KD4RDB kindly provided these instructions for configuring XASTIR to run with AGWPE:

1. Click on INTERFACE -> PROPERTIES to bring up the Installed Interfaces screen. At the bottom of that screen press Add to bring up the Choose Interface Type screen:

Select Networked AGWPE and press Add

Enter the AGWPE Host information:

  • Host: enter the IP address of the AGWPE computer. Use LOCALHOST or if AGWPE is running on the same computer as XASTIR;  otherwise enter the LAN or web IP address of a remote computer.
  • Port: by default, AGWPE uses port number 8000. Use this unless you have changed the port number in the AGWPE setup (see AGWPE over a network)
  • Pass-code: optional; only needed if AGWPE was configured to require a user name and password to access port 8000 (see AGWPE over a network)
  • Path: Enter at least one APRS path (the example above uses a path with one WIDE)

Press OK and you should see the newly created interface as below.

Press Close

To activate the new interface, in the XASTIR main view, click on INTERFACE -> START/STOP

Select the Networked AGWPE interface and press START.

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